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Supernatural 5.11, January 21 (Spoiler)

Posted in Supernatural Episode Descriptions on January 16, 2010 by brandex1

Season 5, Episode 11

Sam, Interrupted

A former hunter named Martin (guest star), who is currently institutionalized, calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help investigating a case in the mental hospital. The brothers get themselves admitted as patients to check out the mysterious monster that is attacking the patients, but their incarceration pushes both to the breaking point as they unleash their inner demons against each other.

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Supernatural 5.10, November 19 (Spoiler)

Posted in Supernatural Episode Descriptions on November 15, 2009 by brandex1

Season 5, Episode 10

Abandon All Hope

“SAM AND DEAN FACE OFF AGAINST LUCIFER — Sam, Dean and Castiel track down the Colt and head off to find Lucifer to send him back to Hell. It’s a hunters’ reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby, Ellen and Jo for what could be their last night on Earth.”
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Looks like a great episode, can’t wait. From this episode on I think I’m going to try avoid all spoilers apart from the episode synopsis, trailer and preview.

Supernatural 5.09, November 12 (Spoiler)

Posted in Supernatural Episode Descriptions on November 11, 2009 by brandex1

Alrighty, Season 5 Episode 9

The Real Ghostbusters

“Super fan Becky uses Chuck’s phone to trick Sam and Dean into attending a Supernatural fan convention, complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean.  One of the activities is a live action role playing game, but things quickly turn sour after a real ghost appears on the scene.”
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