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Posted in Off-Topic on March 27, 2010 by brandex1

Well the hiatus is over and I still haven’t put the reviews for 5.11-5.14 up… whoops. I just couldn’t get into writing a review for 11 and 12, they were just too stand-alone. I couldn’t find very much to say about them besides they were great episodes so I’ll post the finished reviews of 13 and 14 and once 15 is complete, that too. If I get any ideas for 11 or 12 then I’ll write them and post them.

I was also intending on keeping the blog organised by posting synopsis’ and reviews in order but unfortunately if I post 11 and 12’s reviews later on that will be messed up.

Another thing is, I am also looking at getting a new domain name for the blog. You should still be able to access it from the same one as it is now but this new one will make it shorter and easier to remember. I’ll update you with that once I have the domain.

Finally, I will be updating my header image in a minute. I’d like to thank and credit my friend Perth for creating it for me.

Thank you and sorry for the long delay.