Review: My Bloody Valentine

Season 5, Episode 14

My Bloody Valentine

Summary: The episode begins fairly disturbingly with a couple coming back from a first date when things start to heat up ending in the two eating each other. Sam and Dean come into investigate and when another couple commit suicide, they study the hearts and find Enochian symbols on them. They contact Cas who tells them it is the work of a rogue Cupid. They track down the Cupid and interrogate him to find that he is telling the truth when he says he only caused them to fall in love, not the deaths. Sam finds a demon in town and when he confronts him with Ruby’s knife the demon runs, dropping his briefcase. Back at motel, Sam and Dean open it causing a momentary flash of light. Cas reveals it was a human soul and that the deaths in town were being caused by Famine, the third horseman of the apocalypse, who causes humans to hunger for their deepest desires. They figure out they have to cut off Famine’s ring to release the hold he had on everyone but Sam says he isn’t up for it because Famine has caused his hunger for demon blood to grow. Dean handcuffs him to the sink and traps him in the bathroom and he and Cas go off to track down Famine. Two of Famine’s demons find Sam in the hotel and when he gets free he manages to kill both and drink their blood. Dean and Cas find Famine and go in only to be captured. Famine tells Dean that the reason he hasn’t been consumed by hunger is because he no longer had a soul. Sam comes in amped up on demon blood and kills Famine’s demons who are then consumed by Famine. Sam tries to use his powers on Famine but he tells him that, as a horseman, they wouldn’t work on him. Sam replies with “No, but they will work on them” and then extracts the demons from him, draining famines power and freeing everyone under his spell. The episode ends with Dean and Cas standing outside Bobby’s panic room with Sam yelling through the door for them to help him.

What would a Valentine’s Day based episode be without a Cupid? Supernatural’s version of Cupid is a big, jolly, naked Cherub whose “handshake” is a bear hug. Originally the boys thought he was a rogue, massacring people but it turns out he was innocent. This Cupid is fairly emotional, bursting out crying when he was accused of killing people. He also shed some light on what Michael had said in the previous episode.

As previously stated, Cupid elaborated on what Michael had said about the boys existence not being coincidental. He tells them that originally John and Mary hated each other but with a little bit of help from a Cupid they fell in love, married and had Sam and Dean, ultimately dooming the world. Dean didn’t take kindly to hearing his parents were forced together and punched Cupid (which as we know from “4.22 Lucifer Rising” hurt’s him more than the angel) however, Cupid being as emotionally challenged as he is, took offence to this and disappeared.

Famine, of course, was the real reason behind all the deaths in town. The writers did a great job with Famine, as they did with War. They took their own take on his appearance. Famine is described as “Portly, and rides upon a black, sickly horse”. In the Supernatural universe cars are used instead of horses and so Famine road in a black SUV with an almost FBI type team of security demons. Famine himself was an old “sickly” man in a gopher. He was draining the town of their souls to strengthen himself enough to “march across the land.” His powers cause a person’s deepest hunger to eventually kill them. His team of demons then collects their souls and takes them back to Famine.

The hungers Famine caused weren’t just food related. He took what a person needed most and turned that against them. For many it was sex, alcohol or money. For Sam it was demon blood. Unfortunately the hunger made him relapse and he was forced to let Dean handcuff him to the bathroom sink. He then got free and fulfilled his hunger. The return of his addiction could likely be his downfall and from Dean’s reaction, it may also be the downfall for their relationship. The trust that has slowly built back up between them this season is in jeopardy and so is the fate of the world if this causes Sam to say yes. Cas (although he is an angel) was still affected by the hunger via his vessel Jimmy. Jimmy’s hunger after being trapped in his own body for so long was red meat. When I first saw Cas eating I thought maybe this was another step toward him becoming human but it turned out it was Famine all along. Maybe the fact Jimmy has been mentioned again could mean there will be another appearance of him as the season goes on.

The final and possibly most shocking revelation of this episode came from Famine while he held Dean captive. Throughout the episode it was obvious that Dean wasn’t being affected and he believed it was because when he wanted something he usually took it. It turned out that he wasn’t affected because, as Famine said, he was dead inside. This was a massive revelation. It brings up a lot of questions including: “What exactly caused him to lose his soul, Hell itself or the torturing he did while he was there?” and “How is this going to affect the outcome of the Apocalypse?”

The episode had a good cliffhanger making us wonder how long Sam would be kept in the panic room. Unfortunately there will be a 5 or 6 week hiatus between now and episode 5.15. But to keep you entertained for a little bit longer the next post will include the synopsis, trailer and hopefully a few previews.

– Dex


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