Review: Abandon All Hope

I would like to begin by quoting Jensen from the end of the Season 4 Gag Reel:


This may possibly have been the saddest episode yet (Or at least the only one that has made me sob like a little bitch). I’ll start with a brief summary:
Sam and Dean get the colt from Crowley. They then team up with Ellen, Jo and Cas and head off to Carthage, Missouri to take down Lucifer. In Carthage, Cas is captured by Lucifer and the others come face to face with Meg. After Meg sets the Hell Hounds on them, Jo is attacked saving Dean’s life. They then take up shelter in a hardware store and she says she’s not going anywhere and they’ve got the right equipment for a bomb to take out the Hell Hounds. Ellen says she’ll stay behind an sacrifice herself too and the boys run off, but not before Ellen tells Dean to “Kick it in the ass” (I’ll expand on this later). The boys find Lucifer making a sacrifice to raise Death (As in one of the four horsemen) and when Dean shoots him, find the gun won’t kill him. Cas then escapes and arrives just in time to watch Death be risen. The episode closes with Sam, Dean and Bobby grieving at Bobby’s as he throws the picture of them into the fire.


Ok I’m going to start from the start and get the lighter parts out-of-the-way first. I found it great that they threw in another anti-homophobic scene in there at the start. Like Ask Elton said in his review of ” (5.09) The Real Ghostbusters”, they didn’t have to put that in, and yet they did. It goes to show what a great show this really is.


Cas in this episode was great. I love how he is slowly becoming more human and less angel. Seeing him taking shots with Ellen and Jo was great (Although it got me thinking whether or not angels can become intoxicated). Some other random funny bits were Dean telling Sam “*Sam Winchester having trust issues with a demon, well better late then never” and also “Hey your…functioning morons…mor…”. I think Dean’s dig at Sam also showed that they have managed to put it behind them with it seeming more of a joke.


Ellen’s “Kick it in the ass” line was great. And, I didn’t know this until reading Samantha Ferris’ blog after the episode, but apparently it was also a bit of a shout out to Kim Manners. She said it was suggested to her by one of the camera guys while she was filming the scene.


Ellen and Jo’s death was amazing and sad at the same time. They have both always been favourites of mine and when I heard that 2 people would die in this episode my automatic thought was “Please don’t let it be Jo” (I have a bit of a connection to her because I’ve seen a fair bit of Alona’s other work). Those final scenes between the two of them and Ellen’s “It’s ok … It’s ok … That’s my good girl” to Jo after she was already gone made it feel like my heart was being ripped out. I have never cried so much over an episode of any show as I did this episode. I’m going to miss having them in the show, even in Season 3 and 4 when they weren’t there, at least I knew they were alive. I give respect to both Sam Ferris and Alona Tal for playing their characters so well and I will definately be following both of their future work. And who knows, they may find some way of coming back into the show, it is Supernatural after all.


My final point is about Eric Kripke and Jim Beaver. If anyone had read some of Jim’s tweets from a while ago, he made it sound as though he was finishing up with 5.10 and this automatically made me think he was going to be one of the deaths in this episode. I have a feeling this was Kripke telling him to lead us astray to keep a wrap on what really happens. Jim was even playing along right up until the last-minute. Just before the episode aired in the states he tweeted:

“It’s been a fun trip for 4 1/2 years, SPN fans. Bobby says thanks for the ride. Till we meet again.”
and then
“oh, jeez, I thought it was over. oh, shoot, i didn’t set the clock back in this room. sorry.”

My thoughts are this was again to throw us all off the trail, as if he would spoil the episode for us. I have to admit, it worked. I was fooled right up until the end. When both Jo and Ellen were in the explosion I was thinking maybe Ellen survives somehow becuase I thought Bobby was meant to die. But when the credits rolled I thought “What the hell? It can’t be over yet!” that’s when it clicked and I thought “Damn you Eric Kripke”

Over all it was a great episode, not happy, but good in a storyline sense. So now we wait about 2 months until it’s back with episode 5.11. Why do they insist on doing this to us? Thankfully Aussie fans have something to get us through the summer. Season 5 starts over here next Monday (November 30) at 8:30 on Ten with a double episode. Can’t wait to re watch the episodes.




2 Responses to “Review: Abandon All Hope”

  1. I cried when I watched this episode. And you know I don’t cry easy.

    • Hahaha, of course not. You’re like a man right? Men don’t cry, I certainly didn’t in this episode…….. Am I actually fooling anybody with this?

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