Review: The Real Ghostbusters

Ok, so this is my first review and it is one hell of an episode to start with. First of all I’ll start with a brief recap of the episode:

Sam and Dean travel all night after receiving a “Life and death situation” message from Chuck. When they arrive they find the message was actually sent by Becky to lure them to the first convention for the “Supernatural” books. One activity of the convention is a fake hunt for the ghost of Leticia Gore, a carer in an orphanage, who brutally murdered 4 boys. Unfortunately the stories turn out to be true (at first I thought it could be a Tulpa like in 1.17 Hell House) and Sam and Dean have to hunt these spirits with distractions from some annoying “LARPers” (Live Action Role Players).


So this episode was pretty fun and showed that Eric Kripke has a fairly good understanding of his fandom (Which is more than you can say about most creators). Admittedly things may have been exaggerated in some areas but it just added to the laughs. Kripke cares about his fans and this is obvious from the amount of knowledge he has on us. He knows what these conventions are like with the cos-players (Of which there were a few such as Sam and Dean, Ash, Azazel, Hookman and the Rakshasa) and the fandom’s knack for reading too far into things like the “Frightened Little Boy: The Secret Life of Dean” and “The Homo-erotic Subtext of Supernatural” parts of the convention. It makes you feel safe and appreciated when a creator respects you enough to learn about you.

Another key part of the episode was Becky and Chuck’s relationship. I personally love them as a couple. When Chuck was trying to ask her out and he was interrupted because she had spotted Sam, I felt for him. But all it took for him to finally get the girl was for him to act the hero, which he did by swinging some iron through the freaky ass kid.

Sam and Dean’s problems with Chuck continuing publishing his books and the fans reactions to them was also a key part. Dean was pissed off that Chuck was using their lives to make his money,  the fans seeing their lives as entertainment and people such as the German (or Dutch? I’m not so good with accents) guy who brought up Ruby’s betrayal. He told 2 con-goers Barnes and Demian (Who were dressed as Sam and Dean respectively) that “It is not fun, it is not entertaining, it is a river of crap that would sent most people howling to the nut-house” and that “‘Their’ pain is not for your amusement”. Obviously Dean is pretty touchy on the subject of his life (and with good reason). But Demian’s speech at the end, telling Dean that, “To wake up every morning and save the world, to have a brother who would die for you” isn’t such a bad life, really seems to get to Dean and at the end of the episode we see him standing by the car and I can only assume he’s thinking that maybe Demian was right.

I was also proud to see the show take a step in the right direction to making it perfectly normal to have gay characters on TV. At the end it’s revealed that Barnes and Demian are actually gay and it is done so nonchalantly that it seems perfectly natural. This was almost as well done as they did with Corbett in “3.13 Ghostfacers!”

The last and possibly most important bit of this episode came at the end. Becky reveals that Bela never actually gave the Colt to Lilith, instead handing it to Lilith’s right hand man Crowley (Just an off topic thought, maybe named after “Mr Crowley” as in the song by Ozzy Osbourne?). I’ve read in other places that it seemed like a fairly random revelation and I have to agree but I really don’t mind. It helps to move the story along and is going to make the next episode even better.

Lastly, I’ve been reading some other reviews about this episode with some people thinking that Supernatural has finally “Jumped The Shark” with this episode. While yes, I think the meta episodes have been a little bit weird I still love them. I personally don’t believe they’ve Jumped The Shark, I think they just decided to try something a bit out there and the majority of fans have loved it. Some of these people were also saying they were unhappy that there have been so many comedic episodes this season. I personally don’t think there will be any more comedic episodes then their have been in past episodes, they just needed to find a place for them at the start of the season so that the last half could be spent on the apocalypse. Episode 10 (Which is the final episode of the year before the hiatus) is set to be pretty emotional and action filled with, I suspect, very little comedy.

So in conclusion (seems a bit of a tacky way to start but I didn’t know how else to) I loved this episode, like I’ve loved all the others. They had some great themes in this one and it was fun. I personally however hope that this is the end of the meta episodes and we can go back to saving the world from the Apocalypse.

Comments, thoughts and feedback on the blog are greatly appreciated (Any key points that you notice I’ve missed, please tell me)




One Response to “Review: The Real Ghostbusters”

  1. Super awesome Sara Says:

    Thanks for linking me here 😀
    I never realised how much this episode can remind you of the Ghostfacers! episodes. Didn’t even cross my mind until you made those points.
    One hell of a first review might I add, well done!

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