Finally! Supernatural Season 5 in Australia (Minor spoilers)

Well, finally after an almost 3 month wait and some misleading air dates Supernatural will finally return to Channel Ten in Australia.

Season 5 starts off on Monday November 30 at 8:30pm for a double episode (Still not sure whether this will be permanent or switch back to one episode the week after). The two episodes should be “5.01 Sympathy for the Devil” and “5.02 Good God Y’all”.

So far, from watching with the US, Season 5 has been great: Exploring the Angels vs Demons mythology more, what with Lucifer rising and the apocalypse beginning. So far, only 8 episodes in and it has gone from emotional to hilarious with favourites from past seasons coming back and twists that you wouldn’t see coming (hell even a guest starring appearance by Paris Hilton).

My thoughts on why Ten have decided to air it over the Summer are most likely because it hasn’t rated very well (with only 600-700 thousand viewers per episode) and they would rather air it during the non ratings period. Also I think the double episode is also a bit of a “Sorry for holding it off for so long and giving you false hope”.

Anywho, as this is an extremely small blog I don’t know how many comments this will get but anyone who stumbles across this, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about it or just your “Fangirl Squee”‘s if you like.

I’d also like to thank David at for providing me with this great info. If anyone is interested in his original article it is here:



One Response to “Finally! Supernatural Season 5 in Australia (Minor spoilers)”

  1. Deanie_24 Says:

    Looking forward to the next entry! Thumbs up from me mate!

    Without giving anything away I am so lovin’ Season 5 of Supernatural!

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